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What is it?

An ecosystem that builds bridges and provides support

$BCMXT token on BNB Chain is a charitable advocacy and a token ecosystem that powers app functionality through partnerships. Our first initiative is financial literacy, a program we are co-creating with a strategic partner.
Our support takes many shapes including:
  • donations to charitable organizations whose service areas fall within our guiding principles
  • direct incentives for contests that our charitable organization will administer
  • integration with partner applications that leverage the utility as rewards, incentives, credits, and voting
Our ecosystem promotes a positive feedback loop that engages with partners and stakeholders to make an impact alongside of us in a market neutral manner. We balance charity, revenue models, and blockchain transparency in the web2 and web3 worlds.
Our partners can use our tokens directly or they can use bridged tokens for internal processes that are a feature of our roadmap.
We strike a balance between an admirable social cause that can be expanded to other causes, a vector of utility functionality for revenue generating partners, built-in demand through a game changing app partnership, healthy rewards for engaged token voters, and a static token that will experience a deflationary burn at or before year 10 (and low fees that enable self-sustainability for the above).
The puzzle pieces create an ecosystem that generates inherent demand, constrains supply, and allows charitable giving to be a perpetual public relations machine that has a real world positive impact that is supported by strategic partners in ways that we can discuss after our first partners raise.

Layers of Transparency

Our project has been audited and KYCed by Solid Proof. Our charitable initiative is transparent through the blockchain and will be audited by a major accounting firm. Our voting process utilizes a stake-to-vote decentralized app (DApp).
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