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Triple Mandate Pools & Fund

Serving a Clear and Consequential Tripartite Purpose
The Triple Mandate Pools and Fund, true to its title, serve three distinct mandates.
  1. 1.
    Provides partner(s) app(s) token utility
  2. 2.
    Ensures stake-to-vote reward requirements are fulfilled
  3. 3.
    Ensures donation requirements for charitable outreach initiatives are met
Each mandate listed above has its own pool, outside of the fund, that is automatically funded through a smart contract by the 2% transfer fee. Half of the fee, or 1%, goes into the staking pool. the other half of the fee (1%) is further split, with 0.5% each going into an app and donation pool respectively. The fund serves as a backstop to the three pools. The idea is a self-sustaining Triple Mandate whose pools are backed and ensured by the fund without potentially needing to dip into the fund.
Fund tokens will remain locked until multiple triggers are met including Partner App Launch (for mandate #1) and pool deficits for mandates #2 and #3. Only the number of tokens needed to fulfill respective pool deficits will be utilized.
Assessment of the ability of the 2% transfer fee to fund the three pools, given adequate token velocity, will be made over a 10 year period. Tokens not utilized will be burnt by year 10 or possibly much earlier.

Market Neutral

The impact of this fund and the three associated pools that the fund ensures is meant to be relatively market neutral.
Mandate #1. Tokens distributed by pool or fund to fulfill mandate #1 will be unlocked only to be locked again through a cross-chain bridge or cross-chain interoperable platform that connects another token (e.g., 1:1000 ratio) that provides credits, incentivizes, access, and/or voting utility to the partner app. Without giving away the secret sauce, the token demand will be unidirectional flowing into the app (at least initially).
Mandate #2. Potential voting frenzies accompanying charitable initiative rewards will constrain supply.
Mandate #3. Market impact of the donations themselves will be offset through functionality and engagement of partner app(s).
The short of it is that the tokens in the fund are unlikely to ever hit the market before being burnt. If they do, there are countervailing dynamics that make it market neutral. The specifics will be revealed in a future app partnership launch.