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$BCMXT is a BEP-20 token on BNB Chain with a static supply of 1,500,000,000. At launch, 150 million will be unlocked.
The remaining allocations will be unlocked at various intervals and triggers over a five year period as described in the Allocation & Release Schedule for a total 1,050,000,000 tokens.
The Triple Mandate Fund of 450,000,000 tokens, or a large part of it, may never be utilized or may never enter the market. This fund has a 10 year unlock term subject to multiple triggers and will be used solely as a backstop to ensure the app, stake-to-vote and donation pools are fulfilled. Sufficient token velocity may enable the 2% transfer fee to adequately fund the three mandate pools, rendering the fund unused. The largest portion that could potentially be utilized above and beyond the fee funded pools would be for the partner app mandate, which is bridged (relocked), unidirectional and market neutral as mentioned in the Market Neutral section of the Allocation & Release Schedule. The unused portion will be burnt at or before the 10 year mark, meaning that the overall token supply will be somewhat deflationary down to a potential 1,050,000,000.