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Stake-to-Vote Rewards

Rewards are earned through staking, which unlocks ability to vote on charitable projects.


Three staking pools will be running at any given time including a 14 day and 3 month pool. By using a staking dApp on the website, a holder staking will receive rewards daily as a percentage of their holding period APY divided by the number of days in the period. If one stakes beyond the end of the lock period, the user will continue receiving rewards at the initial chosen period level. Staking unlocks ability to vote.


Staking rewards APR% for the first year are (estimated) as follows:
Staking Return as % tokens staked
14 day
3 month


Anyone currently staking is eligible to vote on regular selections of charitable project to award. The selections are submitted by the public.

How does voting work?

The public, the team, and our ambassadors will submit projects to a public facing website. There will be a shortlist of 10 projects curated on the website through a completely open website voting mechanism (off-chain). Once these 10 projects per voting period are chosen, the transparent on-chain voting process will occur in the stake-to-vote dApp. The winner will receive access to a token wallet OR the liquidated equivalent proceeds of the number of tokens in the wallet (for US charities). We anticipate one vote per month initially. The voting period will be ~14 days from open to close.