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1 + 1 + 1 = 10

The whole is greater than the sum of three parts. The tokens, the stake-to-vote dAPP, and the app functionality of our partners create a synergy that drives value and utility while adhering to regulatory guidelines.


The BCMXT (BNB) is the foundation upon which the other parts sit.


$BCMXT (Bep-20) on BNB Chain is the foundation. More in the tokenomics section


The BCMXT (AVAX) is the reward token for educational app users
The $BCMXT (AVAX) is an optional token used to bridge our token into web2 projects that need an extra layer of separation for their systems. It offers lightning fast transactions and energy efficiency through the Avalanche network. It maintains integrity in overall supply through a cross-chain bridge. The bridged ratio will be static and asymmetric (e.g., 1:1000) but locked on either end so that supply is always synced through both networks.
Stake-to-vote dApp
The token will enable transparent voting for all grants and offer stake-to-vote reward incentives through a dApp to further stabilize the market while fulfilling the overarching goals of the charitable project. Each staked token equals a vote.


Tokens must be held for a period (e.g., 14 days, 3 months, etc.) to receive stake-to-vote rewards, which will increase as the holding period grows.

Transer fee

There is a 2% transfer fee that sustains the Triple Mandate Pools and is back by the Triple Mandate Fund.


The charitable initiative that operates 'on the ground' will have DAO governance.


Tokens will be utilized in other interesting yet to be announced ways to incentive and support K-12 learners.

Programmed Charity

Staking rewards will be automatically shared with specific charity wallets that have been earmarked to the app, whose function will complete the circle that connects all aspects of the project in an interesting and cohesive way. The Triple Mandate Pool and Fund section covers this is detail.


Optionally, $BCMXT (BNB) token will be convertible into BCMXT (AVAX), and vice versa, through a decentralized bridge or running on an internal project node or through a third party interoperability platform that provides cross-chain endpoints. This will ensure that the number of BCMXT (AVAX) equals the locked BCMXT (BNB) at any given time.

Partner(s) App

The partner app is the first external utility example. Details forthcoming here.
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