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Our initial cause is the critical mission of financial literacy for K-12 children. We believe every child should have access to easy-to-digest, fun and foundational information in order to ensure participation in an ever-increasingly financial world.


The ecosystem includes incentives that support our cause and can be expanded to other causes. The token, the project, and our partners act as cogs in a virtuous circle that provides utility and strengthens ecosystem through shared incentives. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.


Our partners utilize the ecosystem for rewards, credits, incentives, voting and more. They add unique, groundbreaking layers of functionality in their owns apps leveraging the ecosystem as a bridge between web2 and web3. We work together with partners as advocates, supports and co-sponsors. Our initial cause is a facet of broader goals and functionality within our ecosystem and within larger scopes of partner utility.

Early Adopters

The token provides an incentive for early adopters to support the project by buying a token that features stake-to-vote rewards and low transaction fees for a static token with deflationary burn that self-sustains.

Supported Organizations

Supporting charitable organizations are provided direct incentives through co-sponsored token grants that are voted on by holders through a voting dapp with blockchain transparency. Each token equals a vote, so there is a supply constraint factor in influencing the outcome.

K-12 Learners

K-12 learners are incentivized to learn. Exciting things to come!


Sophisticated adopters will appreciate and recognize the following characteristics as a perfect fit for ESG allocation:
  • The energy efficient, environmentally friendly token platform,
  • the charitable mission of the project,
  • the transparent oversight and governance,
  • the revenue generating partners who leverage the ecosystem
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